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All across New York  thousands of advocates - parents, students, educators, administrators, school board members, grandparents, are standing up to demand fair funding for our schools and an end to the attacks on teachers and public education.  You can join them. 

Please attend these important events! Bring your union Sisters and Brothers, your friends and family.  Let our elected officials know that we support our schools and teachers!

There are forums all around our region.  Below is a list of upcoming events:

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Public transit is essential for workers, students, seniors, and a vibrant 21st Century urban economy! Say no to transit cuts at Centro! Make your voice heard - public hearings and on-line comments.  Sample letter explaining harm that cuts will do here

You can also share your comments on Centro's Facebook page and tweet to them @GoCentroBus

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Support our Union Brothers and Sisters.


Click to find how you can find Union Hotels, Union Services and Union Made!

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No one should have to choose between the health of their family and their ability to make ends meet.

The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act will help keep New York’s families healthy and secure by providing weekly benefits to workers to care for a family member, replacing part of their wages for up to 12 weeks. California, New Jersey and Rhode Island already have paid family leave, it’s time for New York to do the same.

Text Paid Leave to 877877 to be connected with your Senator. Thank them for introducing Paid Family Leave in the Senate budget and to please continue supporting it in joint budget negotiations.

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While much of the Internet this week was focused on escaped llamas, figuring out what color a dress is or mourning the loss of SAG-AFTRA member and Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, we can forget that legislation is still being pushed that would make the lives of working families worse. Whether it is the "right to work" policies pushed by the allies of Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), who likes to compare workers to terrorists, and in other states like New Mexico and West Virginia, or the ongoing negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) using the Fast Track process, we need to stay alert. Read more >>>

 Onondaga County families need your help to bring the Workforce Development Institute (WDI) Child Care Subsidy Facilitated Enrollment Program into Onondaga County. This valuable program provides financial assistance towards the high cost of child care for hard-working families that earn too much to qualify for a Department of Social Services (DSS) Subsidy, but too little to afford quality, accessible child care for their children. At this time, several other upstate counties have this program and we need it too!

Currently, a family of 4 with an annual income just above the DSS subsidy eligibility line (200%) of the Federal Poverty Level), could spend up to 22% of their annual salary on child care for one child. Working families who qualify for WDI Child Care Subsidy experience a decrease in child care costs, while contributing a family share fee. The current average subsidy in NY is $5,000, which goes a long way towards helping working families achieve better financial stability.

In Onondaga County, the average annual cost is $10,500 for one child. These high costs can often jeopardize their stability in the workforce and cause significant attendance, reliability and stress issues for working parents.

Sign the petition today!

NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento on the Governor’s Education Reform Proposals

The so-called education reforms proposed today include direct attacks on basic worker protections and as such impact all workers, not just teachers. Increasing tenure requirements is a roll back of due process rights and ultimately will dissuade teachers from speaking out and advocating for the children they have dedicated their lives to educating. The proposal to tear up teacher collective bargaining agreements in failing public schools is a slap at the entire Labor Movement, and ignores the plethora of socio-economic and other factors that impact educational performance.

We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo, the Legislature, our affiliates and community partners to solve real problems in public education, such as massive funding disparities, and in turn ensure a brighter future for all of New York’s children.

Mario Cilento
President NYS AFL-CIO

Original article and more at nysaflcio.org

Share of Households Earning Middle-Class Income

Income inequality became a hot topic of economic conversation in 2014, and publications like The Atlantic have taken notice. In 17 Things We Learned About the Economy in 2014, the authors explore the growth of low-income jobs, stagnant wages for families and shrinking wages for younger workers, the racial and gender wage gap, taxes and the dwindling middle class.

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 New York is one of America’s greatest cities. Many of the notable landmarks that make this city great were built with American hands using American products. But those strong and enduring monuments were not confined to just New York. You could find them in Oswego and Plattsburgh and Jamestown and Liberty. They were the memorials of our history and the bridges that took us to places we did not know how to spell. They were the buildings and shops filled with people and storefronts filled with dreams.

Now those dreams have been covered with sheets of plywood, the monuments are crumbling and our bridges are deteriorating. We can stop this but we need your help. Contact your State Assembly and Senate members to help pass “Buy American” bills S-7206 and A-9521.  Send a message - Click Here:

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 OSWEGO, N.Y. (May 14) – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has informed aluminum producer Novelis that the company has violated labor laws in its response to workers’ efforts to organize a union at its Oswego, N.Y., facility.

Novelis, which has other unfair labor practice charges pending before the NLRB related to its interference in the effort to unionize its 600 hourly workers, illegally provided a benefit to employees in order to dissuade them from voting to join the USW, the board found. In addition, the company is accused of manipulating documents to make it appear that the union was behind a plan to rescind those benefits.

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 Fast Track Legislation for the TPP Would Slash Jobs, and Cut Environmental and Consumer Protections

New York City- Representative Dan Maffei, unions, environmental, progressive and consumer groups joined together to oppose recently-introduced Fast Track legislation for the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Currently, the TPP is being negotiated in secret between the United States and 11 countries Pacific Rim countries including Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, and Vietnam, which are 40% of the world economy.

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The CNY ALF will be starting our own New "Leadership Committee" in 2014.

Among the goals stated by the AFL-CIO which are slightly modified by the CNY ALF Leadership Committee are the following:

1. To motivate new and interested Union Members and activists to become more active in the Union, Labor Movement and Community

2. To educate these new and interested Union members and activists on the importance of the Union and the strength of collective bargaining

3. To provide opportunities for new and interested Labor and community activists to advance leadership, advocacy and activism skills

4. To increase the visibility of the Labor and community activists within the Labor movement and the greater community

5. To provide opportunities for social networking and relationship building

Brother Al Marzullo will be starting the CNY ALF group in Syracuse and is asking each local to send at least one member to participate in the founding of this organization.

Al and I invite you, as leaders of the regional labor movement, to participate and to identify members you believe will benefit from this training and who will be interested in participating in the network we build over the next few years. Once the Syracuse core group is established we hope to use those participating members who live throughout our region to foster New Leadership activity at the six CLC’s.

WHO to SEND to represent your UNION?...New members, members with new or expanded Union responsibilities or any who wish to become more committed to the union movement are all good candidates.

The FIRST meeting will be:

Thursday, January 16th 5:30 p.m.
at the CNY ALF Syracuse Office/615 West Genesee St. Syracuse 13204
Dinner will be served.
RSVP to wendy@cnylabor.org/315.422-3363

Please do not hesitate to contact either one of us with any questions.

Ann Marie Taliercio, Chair                                              Al Marzullo, Co-Chair
President, CNY Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO      Membership Development
                                                                                             Coordinator, IBEW Local 43

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Friends of the Feathered

As part of the Union Sportsmen's Alliance's (USA's) Work Boots on the Ground project, New Jersey union members built and painted 52 pheasant and 10 quail transport boxes to support the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, which raises and releases some 50,000 pheasants and 11,000 quail annually across the state. Read the full article>>>

"Letter Carriers are the social thread in the fabric of society..." CNY ALF AFL-CIO Executive Board Member Tom Dlugolenski shows how Union Letter Carriers mean much to our community especially in the midst of a State-wide snow emergency.

THANK You to all the members of the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO who take care of our communities everyday!

See News Story Here:

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Local services and good jobs are threatened in Broome County, and residents are fighting back. A public nursing home, a public transit system, and local mental health and developmental disability services are vital to the well-being of our community. Labor and community members are coming together to preserve good jobs and services in our community.

You can speak up for local services at a community forum on the proposed closure of Broome Developmental Center


WHAT: Community Forum on Broome Developmental Center Closure
WHEN: Tuesday, November 12
6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Chenango Valley High School Auditorium
221 Chenango Bridge Road
Binghamton, NY 13901
CONTACT: 518-455-5741

More ways to fight...

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